Folio Box for family photos

A new folio box to display family photos

We all take more and more family photos, especially on our phones, but we do less with them. How long will they last ?  Many will get lost when phones or computer hard drives fail, or when cloud accounts are lost.  High quality prints will stand the test of time and last 100 years or more.  Here is an example of a beautiful way of displaying and keeping them for ever, and having the best of both worlds.

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Boy by a tree in Worcestershire

A day out with a Worcestershire family

A family day out in Worcestershire - playing cricket, a bit of chaos, and some lovely images.

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baby photographer birmingham

Photography of the first 6 years of one child’s life

A photoshoot each year over the first six years of a child's life. Creating a treasure trove of family photography to unlock memories in the future.

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outdoor photographer Warwickshire

Family photography for a good cause – a Studley community project

Family photography for a good cause - by a Warwickshire photographer, for the Studley-on-the-map community project.

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Children photographer warwickshire

Warwickshire photographer – a family and their animals

Children and animals ! I work with them all the time, and here's an example of one family, their children and lots of animals.

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5 of the best tips for a relaxed photoshoot with children

How to make a photoshoot with children a breeze! Here are some tips for the right approach to get great photos of your children

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family photo shoot cotswolds - Laurence Jones - children

Photography of children

Photography of children - how I work with children. I've photographed a lot of children over the years & I'm told I do it rather well.

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Favourites of the year- by a children’s photographer

Some of my favourite images of children, families & babies from the last year.

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Mother and children by photographer in Worcester

A very thoughtful present for a teacher from her class - a family photoshoot with me.

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Mother and daughter, Stratford-upon-Avon

A mother and her daughter in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Beautiful family photography, though I say it myself!

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Horse and girl photographer Warwickshire

A girl and her pony, Warwickshire

A girl and her pony - images that show the strong bond between them.

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Leamington Spa photographer - children by door

A lovely Leamington Spa family

A lovely Leamington Spa family photographed outdoors in my natural style.

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Photography as art 1

Art on the beach

Atmospheric images of a Cornish beach - some of my personal artwork.

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same child photographed at 6 years

The power of a family and children’s photographer

I know that photos are the key to memories. Very few adults can remember much about their early years, up to 5 years old. I certainly can't. However, one child I know will have a huge advantage -

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Child photography

One of my images selected

An unusual family portrait of children jumping has been selected by the British Association of Child Photographers.

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baby-photography-baby-with-blue-eyes photographed in the cotswolds

Connecting with children

I'm always making connections with children in order to create better children's portraits. It's an essential part of the photography.

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family photographer Worcester - family by river

A fab Worcester family (and a Worcester photographer!)

A fabulous family near Worcester commissioned me to be their photographer. We took the dog for a walk from their home and here are the results, including the beautiful framed prints on their walls.

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Competition winner?

I'm very pleased to say I've been shortlisted for a national award, and not only that, the image is rather special....

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Twin babies by a Birmingham photographer

Twin babies in Birmingham

A baby photographer in Birmingham with twins. Twins are so special to photograph. They add a whole new dimension.

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