Family photo shoots in the Warwickshire bluebells

Oversley Woods, near Alcester, Warwickshire

In April and May the bluebells provide a glorious backdrop for family lifestyle photography, and Warwickshire has many great bluebell woods.

This family live in Stratford-upon-Avon, and wanted somewhere with bluebells that was also quiet. We chatted about the options and decided on Oversley Woods, near Alcester. It’s a large and not very well known wood, which I mentioned in my list of places to go and things to do with children in Warwickshire. We also talked about what best to wear well before the photoshoot. Blue clothes were going to make for a stunning limited colour palette – complimenting the green foliage and blues of the flowers.  I’ve written before about how important the right clothes to any photoshoot.

Their son was a little shy at first, but we were soon chatting about his passion – the natural world. He loves David Attenborough (but then who doesn’t ?). We talked about climbing trees, bugs, a squirrel’s nest we noticed, and of course the bluebells. We found the best type of stick to use for poking in muddy puddles, and I showed him how to trigger the flash on my camera.  Occasionally Dad held the flash and Mum held a big reflector, resulting in lovely photos of their son.

It was a very relaxed time as we wandered through the wood.  I knew one particularly good spot in the woods for photos, with lots of bluebells and no other people.

There were tears when Mum saw the photos. Her favourites are now proudly on display in the family’s home.

She said “I love them so much. They are fantastic. Just fantastic. I would hug you if we were allowed ! I can’t wait for our friends to see them

Rough Hill Woods, Studley

These prolific bluebell woods are near my studio in Studley, Warwickshire.  The Mum and her daughter won a prize for family photography, from an event at their school in Stratford-upon-Avon. We walked a little way to find the best spot, chatting along the way. The daughter loved the bluebell woods !  We got on like a house on fire.

The Mum was overwhelmed with the photos. She said  “They’re brilliant! Amazing! You are very talented, and a natural with children.”

Private woods, Spernal, Warwickshire

This family are based in a lovely rural spot near Alcester.  The bluebell woods are near their home, so it was a perfect location. We took some photos around their house, with their favourite animals, and then went to the woods. The photos show the different characters of the three daughters. They all agreed that they had a great time.