The story behind a photo and a trip to Majorca

This photo makes quite an impact. It was taken in Majorca.  A really lovely family invited me along to a big extended family celebration there. They’ve been going on holiday there for generations (and yes, they paid for me to come along for a weekend – I’ve been their family photographer for a few years).  The grandparents own a house on the island. The light was beautifully clear and the sea a deep azure. Perfect you might think.

“Let’s go to the beach!” said the children. The trouble was, the beach was very crowded. The last thing you want is hordes of random people in the background (or foreground) of your family photos.  I managed to move around, get the right angles, and do a little photoshopping, to create a set of natural photos of the children digging in the sand and playing on the beach.  Then we all went for lunch and spent a little time at the playground, where I created the colourful photos of the children individually in their sun hats.

I was looking for scenic locations without lots of people. That afternoon I found  jetties that stretch out into the gorgeous colours of the Mediterranean Sea. You can see them in the photo that shows the location. I got the brother & sister to stay at the end of the jetty, while I ran up some steps to get the angle looking down on them with no distractions in the background. Their parents were nearby keeping an eye on them!  We did a few different photos but this wide view, with the children appearing very small in a big world, is my favourite.  It’s as if they are looking out into their undecided future. The grandparents have it displayed as a huge metal print in their home, and I have the same in my studio.

There were more photos & laughter through the day. To celebrate, that evening the Mum & Dad went for a meal at a nice restaurant. I met them outside & took a quick photo of the two of them to mark the occassion. We joked that it was like the papparazzi chasing celebs!

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Here’s what one of the Mums said:

“A huge thank you for the wonderful, amazing photos – the whole family were absolutely delighted with them – a great record of a very special holiday. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.