Very few of us, myself included, can remember much about the the first years of our lives. So much happened, but we have little recall of it. Photos are vital keys to unlock those memories. This family have created a treasure trove of future keys. I have photographed their family from when their child was a newborn baby to her current age, creating an archive of photography of the first 6 years of one child’s life. The family have moved from Birmingham to Scotland, and the annual photo sessions have been at various locations, including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Paris Disney. Some at birthday parties, some including horse riding, and always reflecting the location and with an eye to show the family history. I’m based in Warwickshire, just south of Birmingham, so there is a lot of travelling involved but it’s always rewarding to see the results.

Here are six images of the same child growing up from a baby, a toddler, and now aged 6. She is a fun-loving girl who likes princesses and dressing up !  Having photos like these, of her and of all the family, will be a great way of looking back and remembering the places they lived, the friends they had and how they all were through the years.  The photos are in albums and on display, so they will last a lifetime and still be there for this girl when she has grown up. One day she’ll be able to talk about them with her own children.

It’s a great pleasure to know this family very well, and be their international family photographer.