"I can't thank you enough for the amazing photos you took of our twins. You were so patient with their initial grumpiness and managed to get amazing shots despite one teething and the other having an ear infection. We are looking forward to asking you back for their first birthday photos! I've recommended you to all of my twin mum friends - it's not easy getting good pictures of one baby let alone 2, but you did a fantastic job!

Lindsay, Birmingham

" Just beautiful photographs ... Simply stunning!  Just watched the video again ... And there were tears once more!!,

Lyn, Warwickshire

"I just looked at the images from last weeks shoot of the birthday....AMAZING!! Once again you have captured the essence of everyone especially our daughter and the pictures are superb! Thanks again for flying up here to Aberdeen for the shoot. David and I are beyond pleased and once again, your photos has captured amazing memories of a special occasion. Can't wait for next years 4th birthday shoot.

Tricia, Scotland

We all take lots of photos but the difference is so huge when you have a photographer who takes his time and knows exactly what he’s doing. “

Sarah, Warwickshire