A Warwickshire photoshoot with two families - behind the scenes.

One of my last photoshoots in Warwickshire before the covid-19 crisis. I’m so glad we fitted it in. It was a lot of fun ! Two sisters both wanted photos of their families, so we combined the photoshoot. The location at one of their homes was great – a converted farm, where a lot of impressive building work had been done.  There was lots of outdoor space and old outbuildings with character.   We started with one family, and the other arrived a little later.   Anxieties were soon put aside and there was a lot of joking and fun.   One Mum was a little concerned beforehand- but as she put it

“Thank you for this morning we had a great time.  Do you do kids entertainment as well?”

Here’s me in the hat, lying on the floor to get the best angle, with a young helper holding a white reflector to improve the lighting. The resulting photo is on the right.

(Thanks for being so helpful, and for all the behind-the-scenes shots, guys!)

We created photos of each family, the children together & individually, everyone together, and with the dog.  We went for a walk around the fields, and there were breaks along the way – I did get a lovely cup of coffee.  There were piggybacks, the conga, hugs, playing with cousins and the dog, and lots of laughter.  As you can see from one of the “behind the scenes” photos, one of the children enjoyed it so much she now wants to be involved in photography !

One of the Mums said: “I just love the photos, and the app on my phone”. The final metal and framed prints for the walls have yet to be made (they are handmade by top labs in the UK, in virus lockdown at the moment). When they are, I know they will be worth the wait and that they will become more important as time goes by. If it teaches us nothing else, the current crisis shows us how important family is.

Another client put it well recently. Looking through her photos, she said :

“It’s pretty much two years to the day that you took those wonderful photos of us all and we were only looking through them a few days ago.  During these times, they seem even more precious than before, and we are so grateful that we have them.”

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