Connecting with Children to create better Children's Photography in Warwickshire

I often find I make a strong connection with the children I’m photographing. It’s a transfer of energy and trust. I give lots of energy, interest and attention to a child and they give energy and trust back. It’s genuine – children will detect false attempts at friendliness merely to get them to do something. I do find children fascinating and generally good fun to be with. They often have an unusual perspective on all kinds of things – and a simply joy in laughing. I love it, as often happens, when a three-year old opts to hold my hand on the way back from a shoot. It’s a sign that they’ve had an enjoyable time, they trust me, and, quite often, they don’t want me to leave.

If possible, I try to deep a little under the surface to find out what makes a child tick – what is their relationship with siblings, what really fascinates them, what is their personality. Then I can show that in the images I create.

In the pictures are gifts that two children made after the photo-session and then gave to me. Really touching. Thanks to them and their Mum.

I’m based in Studley and travel from Birmingham to the Cotswolds, including Warwickshire, Worcester, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Leamington Spa and everywhere inbetween. There’s more of my family photography in Warwickshire here.