I’m a family photographer for Warwickshire and beyond

Your children are special. They each have their own unique character and personality. Let’s show those personalities in natural, artistic images that you would be proud to hang on your wall.

I’ve been an award-winning family photographer for over 15 years. I understand family life and I don’t mind getting muddy!  My photos are proudly hanging on the walls of many discerning families – in the very high quality frames and contemporary displays for which I’m known. Please do get in touch for more details

“I can’t stop myself from looking at the wonderful images that you have created of our family and favoured pets. You have captured a precious family time and set it to evoke wonderful memories of a summer spent at home on the farm. I can’t thank you enough for having the vision for the perfect backdrops. Magnificent. How clever you are and what a fun time we all had ! The family have never been so happy. Well apart from the evening when you took the photographs.” 

Alison, near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

There are many deep bonds between each of you within your family.  One way to show the love and affection in your family is via beautiful photographic artwork to hang on your walls, or have in a gorgeous heirloom album. An amazing celebration of the most important people in your life.  For example, here are my photos of one child taken each year as she grew to be 6 years old.

I honestly love the job of children’s and family photographer. By getting into their world (be it lego, fairies, princesses, football or minecraft!) and finding what makes them tick, I make it hugely enjoyable and I’ll be able to capture the way they really are. You can find information about the session fee and pricing here. Please do get in touch


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We’ll showcase your home, garden or favourite location. I’ll make suggestions if you don’t have anywhere specific in mind. And yes, we can include the dog and grandparents!  Some examples are action shots, a Warwickshire family outdoors, and my favourites from a couple of years ago.

 “Thank you Laurence they are stunning. I can’t stop staring at them”.

Samantha, Barnt Green, Birmingham

“It’s not how I thought it would be. Its lots more fun”

Theo, aged 8

The home environment is a great place to start.  Soon after I’ve arrived, children feel relaxed enough to want to show me round (and like me being there). Whether you are in Birmingham or rural Warwickshire, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Redditch, Worcester, the Cotswolds, or are planning an international trip, I can create a personal heirloom that will only become more valuable as time passes.  I’m an experienced, specialist family photographer based in Warwickshire.

I’d love to have a friendly chat about what you had in mind.  Give me a call on 01527 854010.  You can find information about the session fee and pricing here.

If you are looking for a general guide to choosing a family photographer, scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you like the look of my photography, keep reading here!

Family photographer | Stratford-upon-Avon

I have many very happy clients in Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding villages.  Families often have strong attachments not only to their home, but also to their village, with the children growing up there.  Photos created in these very familiar locations are full of meaning and create lasting memories. Typical locations for a photo session are in the family home and garden (if it’s a reasonably large garden), beautiful spots and walks around the village, or the parkland of Charlecote, or similar.

Here’s a few photos from one family’s photoshoot in the village of Wilmcote, near Stratford.  We started in the back garden, then walked around the village chatting, with lots of laughter and fun along the way. We found a lovely old wall full of texture at the churchyard, a meadow of long grass, and finally went down to the canalside where the light bounced around off the water.  The photo session lasted about 1.5 hours, and was like a family morning out with a friend along taking photos.

Alice (the Mum) said;  “Thankyou so much.  I was expecting good, but this is amazing.  I love them.  You’ve really caught the children so well.”

Family photographer | Leamington Spa

A great location for a family photoshoot in Leamington Spa is Jephson Gardens. There’s enough space to find quiet spots with character and beautiful light, and for the children to run around under the tress. The cafe is a bonus!  Other options are in the family home and garden, outside Kenilworth Castle, and St Nicholas’ park in Warwick.

Some photos of a lovely Leamington Spa family. We started in the back garden, with the brother and sister playing, and then went to Jephson Gardens.  I like the colours of the old brick wall and the contrast with the faces. The children had a lot of character!  Their favourite photo of all the family was the one in the tree. They have that photo, along with all their other favourites, as beautiful large mounted prints and digital images, all displayed in a gorgeous wooden folio box.

The Mum said: “Thank you again for the fabulous photos. They really did greatly exceed my expectations. My in-laws arrived yesterday and the grandparents are all absolutely ‘over the moon’ with them. The gorgeous photo box has been a big hit as a concept.”

How to choose the best family photographer for you – five of the most important things to consider before you book a family photoshoot.

Family photos are so important.  Imagine yourself and your family in ten years time. We all need a little help to crystallize our memories and transport us back to how we felt years ago. How many good photos do you have of you when you were young?  How many showing your relationship you with your parents ?

As children grow up, it’s never the same again, and you can’t get that time back.  Beautiful photos of your family on your walls or in gorgeous albums are a daily reminder of your bonds and togetherness. It’s an investment whose value to you increases enormously with time. Personalised artwork on the walls also makes stunning interior décor for your home.

We all take more photos on our phones but they rarely get printed and can’t be blown up large. Will they still exist in 20 years time ? And one parent is always missing!

Here’s five of the most important things to consider before you book a family photoshoot:

Photographic Style

Do you want a posed style or a more natural feel ? The trend is away from formal, posed photography to a more natural, less posed style. A natural style suits children who won’t stay still ! It’s also best for people who aren’t that comfortable infront of the lens.

Location of the photoshoot

It could be in a studio, at your home, or outdoors.

Outdoors is a great option because children and the outdoors go together very naturally. The photo shoot can be somewhere meaningful to your family. Perhaps in your garden, the woods where you walk the dog every day, or a gardens or park.  Incorporating the setting into the images can really result in stunning photos, eg with sunlight pouring through the trees.  The children are more relaxed, can have a lot of fun, and you can be yourselves.  You do need a backup plan for very bad weather – usually this would mean rescheduling the photo shoot. This is my style for family photography in Warwickshire

An indoor photoshoot at your home is very convenient for babies, especially newborn babies. You have all that you need to comfort your baby, and the style of the photos can be a studio “look”, you all in your home with a more natural feel, or a mixture of both.

Outdoors or at your home, the natural style  is often called “lifestyle” photography. Some photographers also offer “documentary” family photography, where all the photos have a fly-on-the-wall feeling from documenting a typical family day.

family photography in Warwickshire
Brother and sister in Warwickshire
Family photography in a field in Warwickshire
Lifestyle photography is often outdoors and not posed

On the other hand, a studio shoot normally means a plain white background. This has been popular, but may look dated in a few years time. A studio suits some families, but not others. It can be a rather scary, sterile, unnatural environment for a shy child. Depending on the photographer, the experience may feel forced and staged.

Studio Family photography in Warwickshire
Studio photography usually involves a plain white background

Choosing a family photographer

It’s not just about the prices and the session fee. They have to be experienced and very good with children. The photos are so important, you don’t want to trust them to someone who has only just started as a photographer. Good questions to ask are: Is family photography a speciality of theirs?  Are the framed photos and other products top quality ? Are they qualified in photography ? Any guarantees ? And simple things such as do they have two cameras in case one breaks on the day ?

Will I look OK ?

Everyone worries about how they will look in the photos. It’s natural. A good photographer will use the light, angles and make little suggestions to improve the way you may be sitting. Plus some subtle retouching to make you look like you would after a day at a spa always helps! It’s important to include yourselves as  parents in some of the photos, so that in the future your children can look back in time and remember how you all were.

Will my children behave or be shy on the day?

This is where a specialist child and family photographer comes into their own. They will be able to deal with energetic young boys, shy girls, toddlers who wander around at will, grumpy teenagers and everything inbetween. They will have seen it all before, will be able to get on fantastically with the children and will have little ways of coaxing the best out of everyone. At the end of a photoshoot you should be able to say that you’ve had a lot of fun and the children have really enjoyed it.

It’s best to let the photographer draw out natural expressions, rather than telling your children to “smile nicely”. That usually results in a grimace or forced smile!

Some families choose to have new photos regularly, perhaps every year or every two years. This way they build up a library or gallery of images that really show the changes in the children over the years, and how their looks and interests have changed. This is a priceless, fabulous legacy for the children when they are older.

Whatever you choose, do make sure you get some professional family portraits that will last a lifetime.

I’m a family photographer in Warwickshire, and as one Mum said to me after a photo session on her small farm with her teenage children and the farm animals, “This is so good ! I wish we had done it much earlier as well.”   For more information about my lifestyle family photography, please get in touch.  I’m always happy to have a friendly chat!