children on ground

Practical Tips And Techniques For Parents – Child Photography

Here's some practical help and ideas for parents to improve their photography of children.

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Natural Outdoor Family Photographer | Cotswolds

Beautiful, natural family photography in the Cotswolds for discerning parents, at your home and surroundings.

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Young boy indoors

Family photography in the Cotswolds – updating after a few years

It's important to update your family photos - so that in the future you have a record of the different stages as your children (and you!) grow older

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brothers laughing

One family’s complete gallery of photos

Here's all the photos that one family could choose from. They chose their favourites - a large one and smaller ones for the wall and others in digital form.

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Professional headshot

Parents: Photography for business and professional life

Parents often ask me if I can create photos of them - for their business or for their professional life. The answer is always yes !

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Advice For Juggling Freelancing & Parenting

Parenting is more than a full-time job, which can make it hard to juggle a career with looking after your kids. Many parents find freelancing to be a good option.

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Child modelling in Birmingham

Child modelling in Birmingham and the Midlands

Here's lots of information about child modelling and agencies in Birmingham & the Midlands.

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photography of children - Cotswolds - Laurence Jones - children and toy car

Six tips to help you create amazing photos of your children.

Some of these tips are very simple but have a big impact on the resulting photos. Give them a try !

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A family - from a family photoshoot in the Cotswolds

Family photo shoot, Cotswolds

Some images from a family photoshoot in the Cotswolds, with a baby and her sister outdoors in some gardens.

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Family Photography Warwickshire

What is lifestyle family photography?

Lifestyle family photography is about capturing your family as they are in their natural environment. It's a way of showing the strong bonds and connections within your family.

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Things to do in Warwickshire with toddlers: Jephson Gardens

Things to do in Stratford upon Avon & Warwickshire with toddlers and young children

Here's a guide for locals, containing the well-known places and the overlooked gems.

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what-to-wear-outdoor family photoshoot

What to wear for an outdoor family photoshoot

How to plan what to wear for an outdoor family photoshoot. Colours, styles and comfort levels all play a big part.

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Child on a family photoshoot in Warwickshire

“Thanks for everything and that bit of magic you seem to add!”

The story behind a family photoshoot in Warwickshire, the Mum's concerns, and how she felt a couple of years later.

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child awake

Tips for better sleep for young children

Lots of tips for better sleep for young children, and making up your own bedtime stories.

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The story behind a photo

The story behind one photo in Majorca - on my travels as an international family photographer.

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Family photography in a field in Warwickshire

Family photography in Warwickshire – lockdown revisited

Recreating lockdown with natural, outdoor family photography in Warwickshire. Complete with jumping into a muddy stream!

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Girl on a family photoshoot in Warwickshire

A Warwickshire photoshoot with two families

Behind the scenes on a family photoshoot in Warwickshire with two families and a lot of laughter.

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Child playing - by a Warwickshire photographer

Entertaining children at home

These days we are all at home with our children a lot more than usual. Here are 25 tips for keeping sane and entertaining them.

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Folio Box for family photos

A new folio box to display family photos

We all take more and more family photos, especially on our phones, but we do less with them. How long will they last ?  Many will get lost when phones or computer hard drives fail, or when cloud accounts are lost.  High quality prints will stand the test of time and last 100 years or more.  Here is an example of a beautiful way of displaying and keeping them for ever, and having the best of both worlds.

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Boy by a tree in Worcestershire

A day out with a Worcestershire family

A family day out in Worcestershire - playing cricket, a bit of chaos, and some lovely images.

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baby photographer birmingham

Photography of the first 6 years of one child’s life

A photoshoot each year over the first six years of a child's life. Creating a treasure trove of family photography to unlock memories in the future.

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