I invited families to a special half term family photography session to help support the “Studley on the map” community project in Warwickshire. The gardens at Coughton, near Alcester, were opened specially for the occasion. There was even sunshine and it was sucessfull as can be seen from the variety of images here. It even reached the local newspaper! A lot of fun was had by all. There were piggy-backs and games of “chase the photographer” ! I particularly like the images of children in a fur-rimmed hood. It creates a natural frame around the face.

One of the mothers said “I can’t even cope with the cuteness level of the many photos that Laurence Jones took of my rascals. I can’t possibly choose a favourite but these two caught my eye. He is amazing and has captured their personalities just perfectly. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you Laurence. This is my best ever Mother’s Day present”.

“Watching Laurence Jones at work this morning was pretty remarkable. A world class photographer and universal hit with children of all ages…. and utterly generous too. From everyone at Studley on the Map, I’d like to thank you for doing such a fabulous thing for our village.
Also thank you to Claire and Coughton for allowing us exclusive access”.

Here’s more of my family photography in and near Warwickshire