Teenager and family photoshoots in Warwickshire and beyond

You nurture and care for them, love them so much, and then they grow up and leave home. You feel proud and sad at the same time. Before they leave, come together for a special family photoshoot that you’ll all remember for a long time. The family portraits will show the characters and relationships within your family, and can include their interests and passions – be it a horse, music or sport.

We’ll also showcase your home, garden or favourite location. And yes, we can include the dog and grandparents!

I’ll make it enjoyable for them. Usually teenagers are a little self-conscious at first, but I chat, laugh, ask questions about their siblings, reassure them, and soon it becomes interesting and fun.  Here’s examples of teenagers in the city, a family, a mother with her children, and another of a girl and her pony.

“Thankyou for the minifilm and all the photos. I sat and watched them with my parents. I thought it was wonderful and quite emotional. They were delighted too. So thankyou so much for the thought that you put into it. It’s much appreciated. The whole thing was a really enjoyable experience all round!”

Tony, in the Cotswolds.

I’m a specialist childrens photographer and I meet all kinds of families – large, small, in houses, farms, and converted windmills, with dogs, chickens, pigs and horses.  The home environment is a great place to start and creates an heirloom record of your family and home – from Birmingham to rural Warwickshire, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Redditch, Worcester and the Cotswolds.

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