Frequently asked questions – authentic, outdoor family photography in Warwickshire and beyond. What planning do we need to create those beautiful images?

What does the session fee include, and how long will the shoot last?

The session fee covers my time, travel and expertise. No photos are included in the session fee. A shoot at your home or on location can last up to 1.5 to 2 hours, but if your children are young, I will be led by them. I always allow time for children to get to know me & relax into it. Young children are usually at their liveliest early in the mornings, so I often start at 9.30am or so. Having said that, summer evenings can be just lovely, with the low sun creating a fantastic glow, especially for older children.

Do you have a studio?

I have a small studio but I shoot families on location. The children are much more relaxed and there is a natural connection between nature and childhood. Some clients have large gardens with mature trees, and nooks & crannies with lovely light. Others have homes full of character. Often we go to a gardens or woods, or a scenic location nearby that is familiar. We’ll chat through the options well beforehand and decide between us.

When should we book a family photoshoot ? 

I take on a limited number of families each month, so booking in advance is essential.  Weekends in particular get very busy, so I’d recommend calling me at least two months in advance.  For newborn sessions, I advise you book after your 20 week scan.

What about autumn & winter family photo shoots?

Autumn colours are beautiful, and children playing in the leaves always makes a great image. Winter also works well, with frost and gorgeous low angle sunlight, so long as everyone is wrapped up warm. Fur-lined hoods look fabulous.A baby in autumn by a photographer in Warwickshire

What about the weather on a family photoshoot ?

If it’s sunny, that’s great. Cloudy weather produces lovely soft light on faces, and I can always add a little of my own sunlight!
We can usually work around showers, going indoors or under shelter part of the time. If it’s raining hard and won’t stop, then we’ll probably reschedule.

What colours should we wear for a family photoshoot ?

I’ll send you tips about clothing before the shoot. Casual clothes are best. Plain clothes & neutral colours work well (not bright reds & yellows, or stripes/checks). Having said that, a change to brighter clothes for the children is fine too, and adds variation. Big logos on shirts need to be avoided if possible!  There’s more information about what to wear for an outdoor family photoshoot here.

What if my child isn’t well?

Of course, we’ll reschedule the photo shoot if your child isn’t well. It happens. Spots, scratches and other blemishes can be magically removed using the latest digital techniques as required.

How do I look natural in a photoshoot ?

I gently direct you to give a flattering look, and then you’ll find yourself relaxing as we chat and you laugh with your family. I find the best light and angles to make everyone look their best. I also subtly retouch images, making them look even more fabulous!

My children might misbehave, or won’t sit still.

I specialise in children’s photography, and I’m used to all kinds of behaviour – from shy, to mood-swings, energetic, grumpy and helpful. I’m a parent and I’m used to the chaos of family life. I guarantee there will be times when fantastic images are created. I want the children to be themselves, so sitting still isn’t always required! Here are some tips for a relaxed photo shoot.

Can we include our pets? What about grandparents?

Pets and grandparents are always welcome! In the past that has included dogs, horses, guinea pigs, cats, chickens and very large pigs.

Do you take black & white photos?

I create everything in colour on the best digital cameras. These digital files can be optimised to produce fantastic black and white images too.

How do we select the photographs that we want framed or in our album?

We’ll make a mutually convenient appointment for you to come and view your images in the comfort of the dedicated viewing room. The photographs will be projected large so that you can see them clearly. You may like lots, so please allow at least an hour for the viewing & ordering session. It’s best if parents/partners attend together, and I’d recommend not bringing the children as you’ll find it hard to concentrate. Some clients like to take the opportunity to book a babysitter and perhaps go for a meal or drink afterwards. Other family members are very welcome to come along.

A family in Warwickshire

We are not very good at making instant decisions – can we have time to think about what we want?

Selecting your favourite images will be straightforward. Choosing classic frames or more modern ways of displaying them sometimes requires more considered thought. Before coming to the viewing it is best to have in mind the wall space you have available at home. Consider also other locations you spend time in such as your office or holiday home. It may be that you will prefer a collection of images in an album rather than wall frames, perhaps both. The product range is bespoke and can be entirely adapted to your needs. I’ll help you reach your decision.

How much do most clients spend on family photography?

There is no normal amount (& no minimum spend) as each family is different, however, as a guide expect to spend between £600 and £2500 on for example, a collection of beautiful framed images and perhaps a luxury heirloom album or digital files for you to print.
The prices reflect the quality of the photography, the care and attention to detail in the products, and the service and consideration given to clients. I have a policy of openness with prices and I offer value to customers. I want you to come back as your family grows.  See the pricing page for more details

What happens if we want a reprint, several years from now?

I endeavour to keep all images archived and secure for many years to come. I know how important they are!

I would like a record of my children as they grow.

I offer reduced session fees for subsequent shoots and all clients are offered exclusive seasonal shoots at reduced prices. My aim is to provide you with an ongoing record of you and your family’s journey through life. It is normal for clients to mix the seasons and locations with subsequent shoots.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Vouchers make great gifts. I always recommend contributing enough to cover the session fee, as well as one or two products.
Due to the level of investment involved I also recommend sharing my pricing guide with the gift recipients beforehand.

For more information about family photography in Warwickshire and beyond, please get in touch !