Tips for children’s photography – in a relaxed style
You know you are going to get some gorgeous family pictures that you will treasure forever. You are also worried that your children (or husband) are going to be a nightmare. I have a saying – “Embrace the chaos”. A photoshoot with children may seem chaotic, but along the way there are always some special moments. The odd tear and grumpiness for a short time is part of childhood. There is always so much more tenderness, togetherness, laughter and smiling that happens naturally – and that’s what I capture. Just try to keep calm yourself and all the rest of the family will be fine too.

So here are some fast tricks you can apply at any time you feel a little stressed, not simply at your photoshoot.

Laugh and giggle
If your child is being a little monkey, then pick them up, give them a tickle and tell them in a happy way they are being a little monkey.

Be prepared to be silly.
Maybe both you and your youngsters need the tension breaking. A fast game of piggy back, or walking like a chicken, dancing, singing or spinning might be all it takes to go to the next level.

Don’t get cross.
Really, that is when it is all going to go wrong. I understand that children won’t always co-operate and I’m happy to work round it. If they are not doing what we’ve asked, then we will change tack and shoot something around them.

Don’t tell them to smile, or give too many orders.

I want natural smiles, not the forced ones that can look like grimaces. I’ll get smiles by being silly myself. It’s got to stay fun for the children.

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