Photography of children

I have photographed a lot of children over the years and I’m told I do it rather well.
One of the things I’ve learned is how to make youngsters feel relaxed (or that’s chilled for teenagers).
Every age is different and every youngster is distinct. Some will come bursting forward looking forward to seeing you, set for anything. Others might be slightly more shy and need some coaxing.
I meet them at their level, chatting with them about what they like, what they have been doing and generally getting them comfortable.
They will often want to show me their toys, their room, talk about their acheivments- whatever they are proud of. I feel it’s important to let children have a say, give them time, and show that they are important too. I want to see different sides of their character. If it means playing about and acting the fool to get them laughing and enjoying themselves, then I’ll do that. If it means taking everything somewhat slower and quieter then I’ll take that approach. I’m always interested in a child’s world. Once they let me enter that world, then creating beautiful images is easy! (not quite, there’s the lighting, the composition, the background, the technical stuff, but I know all that very well).

A memorable experience

At the start of the session I may photograph you and the children together. This helps them feel comfortable and understand the procedure. They still have their Mum or Dad for moral support. Pretty soon they will be happy and chilled and up for the full experience.  I know it’s working because so many children remember me when I come back for their next shoot. Infact, they have often had such a great time that they ask straightaway if I can come back soon. I also quite often find myself walking hand-in-hand with a three year old on the way home from a photo session. I’m their new best friend!

I’m based near Stratford-upon-Avon. Here’s how to contact me, or see more of my Warwickshire children’s photography