The power of a children's photographer

I know that photos are the key to memories. Very few adults can remember much about their early years, up to 5 years old. I certainly can’t. However, one child I know will have a huge advantage – detailed photos of herself and her family as she grows up, created by a children’s photographer every year from when she was a newborn baby to her current age of 6. Here are six images I created that show the same girl growing up.

This family has moved away from Birmingham to Scotland, but I still meet them every year and create something special. Often it’s near her birthday, documenting a party with her friends, as well as images of the family that they treasure. One time the photo shoot was at the very different backdrop of Paris Disney, meeting the princesses. Another time it included her horse riding lesson. She now has a way of unlocking memories of when she was younger, and her parents were younger, that will stay with her forever. Because the images have been printed in albums, as well as on display on the wall, rather than just on a memory stick lying forgotten in a draw, they will last for at least her lifetime.

Sometimes it’s a privilege to be a children’s photographer. It’s not just about the photos. It’s about looking to the future and creating a key to memories – memories of how a child was and the special things they did when they were young. More importantly, memories of her vibrant and fun-loving parents when they were also younger. I’m looking forward to creating more images as she grows.

Here’s what the Mum said one time : “The pictures yesterday are beyond beautiful all framed up!! We still can’t get over the canvas… Amazingly perfect!!!
You are awesome!!!!”

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