Family photography in Warwickshire - lockdown revisited

Every day in lockdown due to the corona virus, when we could only go out once per day, this family went to the field and the woods behind their house. So we recreated that for their family photos. I created photos in the field where they walked and then in the woods where they played.  Jumping into muddy water is what the boys do whenever possible. By the end of the shoot, they were covered in mud and laughing their heads off! What a great family, full of fun and up for anything. The images reflect the full-on non-stop nature of family life with two young boys, and also show the bonds between them and within the family.

The Mum said: I absolutely love the ones of the boys in the grass. And you can see their joy and screams jumping in the water.  I’ve finally got some of me with the boys showing what I get up to in our wellies. I’m so glad we did the shoot where we did it. It reflects every day of lockdown perfectly”.

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