How to ensure your child looks natural in photos

Taking photos of your kids can be extremely difficult but always worth it. You don’t want photos that look too formal with the kids sitting stiffly on your best sofa. There is nothing worse than a photo where the child looks uninterested and impatient. It can be difficult to master the technique of persuasion in terms of children and cooperation. This article provides tips on how to encourage your child to be themselves and act naturally throughout the photoshoot.

The time of day makes a huge difference

The first tip is to schedule the photoshoot at a time when your child is full of energy. Does your child often take an afternoon nap around 2 pm? Then make sure the photoshoot is not around this time. This ensures that your child will enter the photoshoot full of energy. Mornings are usually best with younger children!

Prepare them

It is always better for a child to know what they are going to do. This prevents them from being suddenly surprised by the photoshoot and perhaps bursting into tears because they are feeling overwhelmed. It can be a good idea to practice with your child at home so that they get used to being in front of the camera.

Patience is key

There is a good chance that your child will not be super comfortable at the beginning, therefore give them a chance to get acquainted with the photographer. A good professional who specialises in children’s photography will know how to help children feel more at ease during a photoshoot. Therefore, as a parent, it is important to be patient and let the photographer take charge.

Let your child pose with a buddy

If your child is still a bit shy at the beginning of the photoshoot, it is always helpful if they are allowed to have a photo with their buddy. This can be a stuffed animal or a pet. This is not only easier for the children, but also super fun for the photo. In addition, the children often pose much more confidently, because they are actually more focused on their buddy than with themselves.

Different poses

If you want your child to show off their funny personality it can be a good idea to try different positions and turn it into a game. Ask your child the following questions, “how does daddy sit/stand? Where do your hands like to keep warm? I make a move and you copy it! Etc.

Active children

The last thing you want to happen is that your child gets bored or tired. Therefore keep them active. Let them jump, play with toys, run or dance. Often this ensures the nicest photos and the children will be comfortable and cheerful. Some children, on the other hand, can be too active. Make sure that they can release their energy beforehand so that they can be somewhat calmer afterwards. If your child only pulls silly faces, you can always make a game out of it. “Now we take a silly photo and the next photo is serious.” This way, the photoshoot also remains fun for your child. The active and moving photos are often the best photos! These ‘active’ photos are not posed and are very spontaneous and natural.

Tips: What not to do

Of course, there are also a few things you shouldn’t do or say during the photoshoot.

  • Tell the child what to do, especially telling them to smile!
  • Rewarding the child when the photoshoot goes right or wrong. This can make the child nervous and the chance of natural photos is smaller.

By following these tips, the photoshoot will definitely be fun for your child and you will get beautiful long-lasting memories!

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